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  • Sister to Sister

    A mentoring and sisterhood guide for women workers in flower farms.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 8,31 MB

  • Women Leadership in the Horticultural Sector Curriculum

    This manual is designed to put into action a strategy for transformative feminist leadership development in the East African Horticultural sector.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 882,15 KB

  • Gender Audit Tool

    A guide for identifying gaps in gender responsive policies and practices at the work place.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 636,77 KB

  • Compendium of labor rights

    This compendium is a collection of gender responsive labor laws and policies at the national, continental and international level.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 2,21 MB

  • Where are we: a factsheet

    This factsheet gives a snapshot analysis of the state of ratification and reporting against regional and international instruments as well as information on the lived reality of women in the work force within these countries.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 3,21 MB

  • Baseline survey of female workers in the chilli industry in Malawi

    This baseline study for women in the chili sector in Malawi was commissioned to understand working conditions for women in the chili sector in Malawi.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 1,63 MB

  • CSR Africa brochure

    Read all about CSR Africa, the online social performance portal for the horticulture, in this brochure.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 4,62 MB

  • Casualization and implications for decent work for female workers in the horticulture sector of Zimbabwe

    Casualization and implications for decent work for female workers in the horticulture sector of Zimbabwe May 15, 2019 Women constitute more than 50 percent of the workforce on farms but are employed mostly as casual labor, opening them to various forms of exploitation, a new research by the Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of […]

    Type: pdf

    Size: 1,07 MB

  • Rwanda CSO SDG5 Forum perspective on the implementation of SDG8 in Rwanda

    Lack of a minimum wage and informal work in Rwanda: missed opportunities for inclusion of majority of women in decent work and economic growth.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 470,98 KB

  • Adapting commercial practices and enhancing lives of smallholders and workers in Kenya

    The project ‘Kenya Horticulture – A Fair Deal for Smallholder Farmers and Workers’ brought together Marks and Spencer (M&S), Flamingo Horticulture (formerly Finlays Horticulture), Traidcraft Exchange and the Kenya Human Rights Commission, and aimed to improve the financial stability and well-being of smallholder farmers and workers involved in the Kenyan horticultural value chain, who produce fine green beans

    Type: pdf

    Size: 4,94 MB

  • Minimum Wage and Women At Work

    Minimum Wage and Women At Work December 9, 2018 An Analysis of Uganda’s Labour Market and Its Implications on Securing Minimum Wage Policy.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 504,4 KB

  • Living wages in practice

    The aim of this research is to learn more about living wages in a corporate context. Most living wage research that has been conducted so far are in-depth analyses focusing on one particular case. For Eosta, an international importing business with a large product range of organic fruits and vegetables, this detailed research approach is not a feasible option. Accordingly, we decided to conduct a research pilot, focusing on one particular case;  Kenyan avocados, and use the learnings and best practices to define a more broadly applicable approach. This study focuses on the case study of organic avocados from Kenya. We partnered with one of our Kenyan exporters to map the supply chain and research current wages.

    Type: pdf

    Size: 12,79 MB